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Not of bacterial origin:

Candidatus Sericytochromatia bacterium
JACYMC000000000 metagenome
Hassallia byssoidea VB512170 JTCM00000000.1
Mastigocoleus testarum BC008 AXAQ00000000
Mucilaginibacter G2-14 CP054139 (sp.)
Phyllobacterium BT25 JABUMX000000000 (sp.)
Prochlorococcus marinus HNLC1 GL947594 metagenome
Prochlorococcus marinus HNLC2 GL947595 metagenome
Synechococcus moorigangaii CMS01 VLTG00000000
Cyanobacteria bacterium 13-1-20CM MNIV00000000 metagenome
Cyanobacteria bacterium CONCOCT.2.5kb 103 JAIEMQ00000000 metagenome
Cyanobacteria bacterium CONCOCT.2.5kb 148 JAIEMW00000000 metagenome
Cyanobacteria bacterium DASTOOL.1kb 042 JAIENO00000000 metagenome
Cyanobacteria bacterium METABAT.1kb 096 JAIERL00000000 metagenome

Not cyanobacterial (described by CheckM as bacterial and not placed in the

cyanobacterial clade by pplacer) or presumed chimers (described as bacterial by

CheckM but placed into the bacterial tree in unlikely positions by pplacer) having

segments of both cyanobacterial and bacterial origin:

Aphanocapsa montana BDHKU210001 JTJD00000000.1
Fischerella ambigua UTEX 1903 R. Viswanathan
Nodosilinea LEGE 07088 JADEWX000000000 (sp.)
Nodularia LEGE 06071 JADEWH000000000 (sp.)
Pleurocapsa SU 196 0 JAAUUV000000000 (sp.) metagenome
Prochlorococcus MED-G72 QOPO00000000 (sp.) metagenome
Prochlorococcus MED-G73 QOPN00000000 (sp.) metagenome
Prochlorococcus scB245a 518D8 JFNB00000000 (sp.)
Scytonema millei VB511283 JTJC00000000.1
Synechococcus SB0666 bin 14 VXTW00000000 (sp.) metagenome
Synechococcus SB0675 bin 6 VYDJ00000000 (sp.) metagenome
Synechococcus SB0668 bin 13 VXWH00000000 (sp.) metagenome
Synechococcus SB0668 bin 15 VXWJ00000000 (sp.) metagenome
Synechococcus SB0662 bin 14 VXNS00000000 (sp.) metagenome
Synechococcus Bin 28 Ga0113640
Synechococcus Bin 27 Ga0113638
Cyanobacterium TDX16 NDGV00000000
Oscillatoriales cyanobacterium MTP1 LNAA00000000

Incomplete (contain fewer than 79 of 79 core marker genes a gene

being considered as present only if the query cover is greater than 40%):

Marker genes
Acaryochloris CRU 2 0 JAAUOM000000000 (sp.) metagenome 74
Acaryochloris RU 4 1 JAAURR000000000 (sp.) metagenome 73
Acaryochloris SU 5 25 JAAUVC000000000 (sp.) metagenome 37
Aetokthonos hydrillicola CCALA 1050 JAAKGC000000000 75
Aetokthonos hydrillicola Thurmond2011 JAALHA00000000 60
Alkalinema FL-bin-369 JACMPV000000000 (sp.) metagenome 42
Alkalinema RL 2 19 JAAUPX000000000 (sp.) metagenome 29
Anabaena 54 AM 902 OMJF00000000 (sp.) metagenome 59
Aphanizomenon flos-aquae 2012/KM1/D3 JSDP00000000 76
Aphanocapsa feldmannii 277cI SRMN00000000 metagenome 70
Aphanothece CMT-3BRIN-NPC111 JAHHGU000000000 (sp.) metagenome 76
Arthrospira maxima CS-328 ABYK00000000 73
Arthrospira O9.13F PKGD00000000 (sp.) 72
Baaleninema simplex PCC 7105 ANFQ00000000 75
Brasilonema bromeliae SPC951 QMEB00000000 75
Brasilonema CT11 JABXYX000000000 (sp.) 76
Calothrix CSU 2 0 JAAUPE000000000 (sp.) metagenome 76
Calothrix SM1 5 4 JAAUTQ000000000 (sp.) metagenome 40
Calothrix SM1 7 51 JAAUTW000000000 (sp.) metagenome 33
Candidatus Aurora vandensis MP9P1 JAAXLU000000000 metagenome 76
Candidatus Atelocyanobacterium thalassa MetaBAT-v2.12.1 CAJWSD000000000 metagenome 70
Candidatus Atelocyanobacterium thalassa UBA4158 DFVO00000000 metagenome 76
Candidatus Atelocyanobacterium thalassa ALOHA=UCYN-A1 CP001842 metagenome 76
Candidatus Synechococcus spongiarum isolate 1 FITM00000000 63
Candidatus Synechococcus spongiarum LMB bulk10D MWLG00000000 39
Candidatus Synechococcus spongiarum LMB bulk10E MWLF00000000 12
Candidatus Synechococcus spongiarum LMB bulk15M MWLD00000000 metagenome 71
Candidatus Synechococcus spongiarum LMB bulk15N MWLE00000000 metagenome 49
Candidatus Synechococcus spongiarum SH4 JENA00000000 metagenome 73
Cyanobium 49614_E6 JAJTFP000000000 (sp.) metagenome 69
Chamaesiphon CSU 1 12 JAAUOX000000000 (sp.) metagenome 7
Chamaesiphon isolate WC-16 JAGVCD000000000 (sp.) metagenome 53
Chlorogloea purpurea SAG 13.99 JADQBB000000000 68
Coleofasciculus Co-bin14 JACVRQ000000000 (sp.) metagenome 56
Coleofasciculus C3-bin4 JACVRI000000000 (sp.) metagenome 47
Coleofasciculus S288 JAIUYC000000000 (sp.) metagenome 53
Crocosphaera DT 26 JABSPE000000000 (sp.) metagenome 72
Chroococcales cyanobacterium metabat2.561 RPQW00000000 metagenome 34
Chroococcidiopsidaceae cyanobacterium CP BM ER R8 30 JAFASY000000000 metagenome 74
Chroococcidiopsidaceae cyanobacterium CP BM RX 35 JAFAVL000000000 metagenome 66
Chroococcus CMT-3BRIN-NPC107 JAHHGY000000000 (sp.) metagenome 75
Cyanobacteria bacterium 813 bin36 JAHWKX000000000 metagenome 63
Cyanobacteria bacterium 13-1-20CM MNIV00000000 metagenome 9
Cyanobacteria bacterium AG-640-J16 JGI JGI 32
Cyanobacteria bacterium bin 100 PROKKA JAFNEQ000000000 metagenome 43
Cyanobacteria bacterium bin.275 JABMNF000000000 metagenome 68
Cyanobacteria bacterium bin.51 JABMPN000000000 metagenome 84
Cyanobacteria bacterium Co-bin13 JACVRP000000000 metagenome 39
Cyanobacteria bacterium Co-bin8 JACVSF000000000 metagenome 49
Cyanobacteria bacterium CSSed11 75 PWXB00000000 metagenome 69
Cyanobacteria bacterium CYA N2 1 RHKP00000000 metagenome 69
Cyanobacteria bacterium DS2.008 PNLS00000000 metagenome 16
Cyanobacteria bacterium DS2.3.42 PNLN00000000 metagenome 54
Cyanobacteria bacterium DS3.002 PNLJ00000000 metagenome 22
Cyanobacteria bacterium isolate CG 2015-02 32 JAACPM00000000 74
Cyanobacteria bacterium isolate GSL.Bin21 JAAAOK00000000 metagenome 35
Cyanobacteria bacterium J003 RFFR00000000 75
Cyanobacteria bacterium J069 RFIF00000000 metagenome 70
Cyanobacteria bacterium J083 RFIT00000000 metagenome 74
Cyanobacteria bacterium J149 RFLH00000000 metagenome 60
Cyanobacteria bacterium KgW148 JAIWOC000000000 metagenome 69
Cyanobacteria bacterium MH1 Bin12 JAALKG000000000 metagenome 59
Cyanobacteria bacterium NC groundwater 1444 JACQUT000000000 metagenome 56
Cyanobacteria bacterium PMG 4 SEBC00000000 metagenome 14
Cyanobacteria bacterium PMG 4 SEBC00000000 metagenome 14
Cyanobacteria bacterium PMG 12 SEBD00000000 metagenome 15
Cyanobacteria bacterium PR.023 PNKA00000000 metagenome 60
Cyanobacteria bacterium PR.3.49 PNKB00000000 metagenome 49
Cyanobacteria bacterium REEB417 JAGWVJ000000000 49
Cyanobacteria bacterium REEB446 JAGWWP000000000 70
Cyanobacteria bacterium REEB498 JAGWYU000000000 46
Cyanobacteria bacterium REEB65 JAGWZZ000000000 55
Cyanobacteria bacterium REEB67 JAGXAB000000000 75
Cyanobacteria bacterium SCGC 014-E08 JGI 17
Cyanobacteria bacterium SCGC AG-490-B05 JGI metagenome 38
Cyanobacteria bacterium SCGC AG-650-H12 JGI metagenome 41
Cyanobacteria bacterium SCGC AG-650-K04 JGI metagenome 38
Cyanobacteria bacterium SIG26 SUTS00000000 metagenome 68
Cyanobacteria bacterium SIG27 SUTT00000000 metagenome 66
Cyanobacteria bacterium SIG28 SUTU00000000 metagenome 70
Cyanobacteria bacterium SIG29 SUTV00000000 metagenome 65
Cyanobacteria bacterium SIG30 SUTW00000000 metagenome 70
Cyanobacteria bacterium SIG31 SUTX00000000 metagenome 67
Cyanobacteria bacterium SIG32 SUTY00000000 metagenome 53
Cyanobacteria bacterium SW 4 48 29 PXQI00000000 metagenome 76
Cyanobacteria bacterium SW 9 47 5 PXQF00000000 metagenome 11
Cyanobacteria bacterium T3Sed10 304 PXCV00000000 metagenome 72
Cyanobacteria bacterium T3Sed10 36R1 PXEF00000000 metagenome 62
Cyanobacteria bacterium TMED177 NHIA00000000 metagenome 27
Cyanobacteria bacterium TMED188 NHIL00000000 metagenome 33
Cyanobacteria bacterium TMED229 NHKA00000000 metagenome 35
Cyanobacteria bacterium HKST-UBA01 JAGQHG000000000 metagenome 70
Cyanobacteria bacterium HKST-UBA02 JAGQHH000000000 metagenome 64
Cyanobacteria bacterium HKST-UBA03 JAGQHI000000000 metagenome 72
Cyanobacteria bacterium HKST-UBA04 JAGQHJ000000000 metagenome 76
Cyanobacteria bacterium HKST-UBA05 JAGQHK000000000 metagenome 50
Cyanobacteria bacterium HKST-UBA06 JAGQHL000000000 metagenome 70
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA10660 DMXX00000000 metagenome 64
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA10660 DMXX00000000 metagenome 64
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA11049 DPEI00000000 metagenome 73
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA11148 DORG00000000 metagenome 60
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA11149 DORF00000000 metagenome 74
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA11153 DOIX00000000 metagenome 74
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA11159 DOJB00000000 metagenome 74
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA11162 DNZA00000000 metagenome 58
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA11166 DNYY00000000 metagenome 69
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA11367 DNOY00000000 metagenome 68
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA11368 DNOW00000000 metagenome 71
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA11369 DNOV00000000 metagenome 71
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA11370 DNGI00000000 metagenome 70
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA11371 DNGJ00000000 metagenome 76
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA11440 DOQK00000000 metagenome 69
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA11440 DOQK00000000 metagenome 69
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA11691 DOHO00000000 metagenome 72
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA1186 DBYM00000000 metagenome 68
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA11991 DOWB00000000 metagenome 58
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA11991 DOWB00000000 metagenome 58
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA1221 DBXD00000000 metagenome 68
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA12227 DMEQ00000000 metagenome 58
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA2320 DDVE00000000 metagenome 75
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA2813 DEGZ00000000 metagenome 68
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA2819 DEGT00000000 metagenome 69
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA2855 DEFJ00000000 metagenome 64
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA2877 DEEN00000000 metagenome 69
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA2883 DEEH00000000 metagenome 68
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA2892 DEDY00000000 metagenome 68
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA3301 DESZ00000000 metagenome 69
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA3803 DFEL00000000 metagenome 49
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA4093 DFYB00000000 metagenome 70
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA4641 DHMN00000000 metagenome 47
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA6393 DJQF00000000 metagenome 62
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA6446 DJOE00000000 metagenome 70
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA791 DBIX00000000 metagenome 70
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA8156 DMPD00000000 metagenome 71
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA8530 DOBT00000000 metagenome 66
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA8543 DMJW00000000 76
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA8553 DLUV00000000 metagenome 74
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA8803 DNXU00000000 metagenome 74
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA9226 DOVO00000000 metagenome 73
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA9273 DNME00000000 metagenome 68
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA947 DBCX00000000 metagenome 70
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA9579 DNSU00000000 metagenome 61
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA9971 DNRP00000000 metagenome 67
Cyanobacteria/Melainabacteria group GL2-53 DAZW00000000 metagenome 66
Cyanobacteria/Melainabacteria group S15B-MN24 DAZV00000000 metagenome 70
Unidentified cyanobacterium 13 1 40CM 2 61 4 MNHI00000000 metagenome 18
Cyanobacterium BACL30 MAG-120619 LICO00000000 69
Cyanobacterium BACL30 MAG-120619-bin27 LICO00000000 65
Cyanobacterium Cyano1 PKDN00000000 metagenome 62
Cyanobacterium Cyano2 PKDM00000000 metagenome 71
Cyanobacterium G8-9 PYVJ00000000 27
Cyanobacterium Zagget 111 MP Ga0015049 (sp.) 70
Cyanobiont of Ornithocercus magnificus OmCyn01 BIMP00000000 76
Cyanobium 16 1 VMCY00000000 (sp.) metagenome 71
Cyanobium CSSed162cmA 499R1 SKRX00000000 (sp.) metagenome 70
Cyanobium M30B57 JAGYKC000000000 (sp.) metagenome 70
Cyanobium M55B138 JAGYNF000000000 (sp.) metagenome 64
Cyanobium PLM2.Bin73 REEV00000000 (sp.) metagenome 76
Cyanobium RS427 42782 PBVK00000000 (sp.) 33
Cyanobium SAT1300 23347 PAXG00000000 (sp.) metagenome 28
Cyanothece UBA12306 DLXW00000000 (sp.) metagenome 69
Dolichospermum circinale Clear-D4 JACVZX000000000 metagenome 75
Dolichospermum SB001 JAEMTT000000000 (sp.) metagenome 74
Filamentous cyanobacterium CCP1 PVWE00000000 58
Filamentous cyanobacterium CCP5 PYEQ00000000 73
Filamentous cyanobacterium Phorm 46 PVWH00000000 67
Fischerella SpSt-362 DSPK00000000 (sp.) metagenome 72
Fischerella thermalis WC217 NHAJ00000000 71
Fischerella thermalis CCMEE 5319 NMQD00000000 74
Geminocystis M7585 C2015 104 DVEF00000000 (sp.) 76
Gloeobacter violaceus SpSt-379 DSQC00000000 metagenome 62
Gloeobacterales cyanobacterium ES-bin-141 JACMIX000000000 metagenome 75
Gloeobacteraceae cyanobacterium ES-bin-144 JACMIY000000000 metagenome 60
Gloeobacteraceae cyanobacterium ES-bin-316 JACMLO000000000 metagenome 50
Gloeocapsa UFS-A4-WI-NPMV-4B04 JAHHHE000000000 (sp.) metagenome 74
Gomphosphaeria aponina SAG 52.96=DSM 107014 JADQBC000000000 59
Halothece BinSanityLC-kmean-bin 24 JAHEOB000000000 (sp.) metagenome 75
Halothece KZN 1 MDVL00000000 (sp.) ALSO AS Euhalothece 76
Halothece SG1 65 4 JGI (sp.) 62
Hassallia WJT32-NPBG1 JAHHHG000000000 (sp.) metagenome 73
Hydrococcus CSU 1 8 JAAUPD000000000 (sp.) metagenome 38
Hydrococcus RM1 1 31 JAAUQM000000000 (sp.) metagenome 15
Hydrococcus SU 1 0 JAAUUS000000000 (sp.) metagenome 26
Hydrocoleum CS-953 LGSU00000000 (sp.) 76
Jacksonvillea ISTCYN1 VLNZ00000000 (sp.) 67
Leptolyngbya valderiana BDU 20041 LSYZ00000000 71
Leptolyngbya 2LT21S03 JGI (sp.) 75
Leptolyngbya 7M CP070897 (sp.) 72
Leptolyngbya 15MV CP071923 (sp.) 66
Leptolyngbya CYN1 QUBX00000000 (sp.) metagenome 58
Leptolyngbya DLM2.Bin27 RECJ00000000 (sp.) metagenome 73
Leptolyngbya isolate ES-bin-223 JACMKL000000000 (sp.) metagenome 66
Leptolyngbya RL 3 1 JAAUQE000000000 (sp.) metagenome 67
Leptolyngbya SIO1E4 JAAHFU00000000 (sp.) metagenome 75
Leptolyngbyaceae cyanobacterium CSSed162cmA 214 SKLP00000000 metagenome 51
Leptolyngbyaceae cyanobacterium CSSed162cmB 428R1 SLAZ00000000 metagenome 48
Leptolyngbyaceae cyanobacterium CSSed165cm 216 SLIY00000000 metagenome 62
Leptolyngbyaceae cyanobacterium MAG.088 JAHQVZ000000000 metagenome 76
Leptolyngbyaceae cyanobacterium M65 K2018 10 DVEE00000000 metagenome 75
Leptothoe spongobia TAU-MAC 1115 JADOES000000000 66
Leptothoe kymatousa TAU-MAC 1615 JADOER000000000 58
Mastigocladus laminosus UU774 MNPM00000000.1 72
Mastigocladus laminosus UU774 JXIJ00000000 71
Mastigocladus laminosus WC112 NGJL00000000 60
Microcoleaceae cyanobacterium S07.Bin061 JAABRK000000000 metagenome 42
Microcoleaceae bacterium UBA10368 DNYC00000000 metagenome 59
Microcoleaceae bacterium UBA11344 DMYK00000000 metagenome 65
Microcoleaceae bacterium UBA9251 DPLL00000000 metagenome 70
Microcoleus C1-bin4 JACVRF000000000 (sp.) metagenome 59
Microcoleus Co-bin12 JACVRO000000000 (sp.) metagenome 44
Microcoleus CSU 2 2 JAAUPI000000000 (sp.) metagenome 75
Microcoleus GA 180221 E-1-1-MAG-43 4 JAIMJO000000000 (sp.) metagenome 56
Microcoleus GA 180221 E-1-2-MAG-45 10 JAIMKD000000000 (sp.) metagenome 73
Microcoleus GA 180221 E-1-1-MAG-45 11 JAIMJP000000000 (sp.) metagenome 76
Microcoleus GA 180221 E-2-1-MAG-45 12 JAIMKT000000000 (sp.) metagenome 76
Microcoleus SM1 3 4 JAAUTI000000000 (sp.) metagenome 71
Microcoleus SU 5 3 JAAUVD000000000 (sp.) metagenome 73
Microcoleus SU 5 6 JAAUVE000000000 (sp.) metagenome 55
Microcoleus T1-bin1 JACVSI000000000 (sp.) metagenome 62
Microcoleus T3-bin5 JACVSO000000000 (sp.) metagenome 57
Microcystis 53598_E5 JAJTDG000000000 (sp.) metagenome 72
Microcystis flos-aquae DF17 QQWB00000000 metagenome 74
Microcystis LSC13-02 MTBT00000000 (sp.) 73
Moorea SIO4A5 JAAHHZ000000000 (sp.) metagenome 76
Nodosilinea CSSed162cmB 84 SLGH00000000 (sp.) metagenome 30
Nodularia CSSed162cmB 296 SKYQ00000000 (sp.) metagenome 33
Nostocales cyanobacterium PH2015 08D 39 10 RDYJ00000000 metagenome 71
Nostocales cyanobacterium PH2015 08D 37 15 RDYK00000000 metagenome 64
Nostocales cyanobacterium W4 JAAXUI00000000 metagenome 76
Nostoc cf. edaphicum LEGE 7299 JADEXF000000000 60
Nostoc 3336mG QHKA00000000 (sp.) 71
Nostoc C3-bin3 JACVRH000000000 (sp.) metagenome 59
Nostoc 'Peltigera malacea cyanobiont' DB3992 NSHF00000000 (sp.) 76
Nostoc linckia NIES-25 AP018222 AP018222 66
Nostoc carneum NIES-2107 AP018180 AP018180 75
Nostoc commune S1-bin1 PRJNA528932 herbarium specimen 70
Nostoc flagelliforme S2-bin1 PRJNA528932 herbarium specimen 72
Nostoc RI 552 WGNO00000000 (sp.) metagenome 76
Nostocaceae cyanobacterium CSSed10 463m PWQB00000000 metagenome 59
Nostocaceae cyanobacterium isolate MGR bin409 JACDGJ000000000 metagenome 51
Okeania KiyG1 BLZO00000000 (sp.) 74
Oscillatoria S11.Bin022 JAABSJ000000000 (sp.) metagenome 75
Oscillatoriales cyanobacterium Centralia_MAG_596 JAJPKC000000000 metagenome 63
Oscillatoriales cyanobacterium LEGE 11467 JADEXN000000000 44
Oscillatoriales cyanobacterium PH2015 14S 45 132 RDXC00000000 metagenome 76
Oscillatoriales cyanobacterium PH2015 10S 46 199 RDXU00000000 metagenome 70
Oscillatoriales cyanobacterium PH2015 07D 46 1245 RDYR00000000 metagenome 76
Oscillatoriales cyanobacterium PH2015 07D 45 11 RDYS00000000 metagenome 64
Oscillatoriales cyanobacterium PH2015 06S 54 30 RDYZ00000000 metagenome 73
Oscillatoriales cyanobacterium PH2015 06S 46 2585 RDZA00000000 metagenome 74
Oscillatoriales cyanobacterium PH2015 06S 45 83 RDZB00000000 metagenome 66
Oscillatoriales cyanobacterium PH2015 02D 45 1038 REAK00000000 metagenome 64
Oscillatoriales cyanobacterium PH2015 01D 46 31 REAX00000000 metagenome 67
Oscillatoriales cyanobacterium SpSt-402 DSRD0000000 metagenome 39
Oscillatoriales cyanobacterium USR001 MBRE00000000 31
Phormidesmis FL-bin-119 JACMMV000000000 (sp.) metagenome 39
Cf. Phormidesmis LEGE 11477 JADEXO000000000 (sp.) 38
Phormidesmis priestleyi ULC027 QGMP00000000 75
Phormidium pseudopriestleyi FRX01 JAFLQW000000000 71
Phormidium tanganyikae FI6-MK23 JAHHHU000000000 metagenome 76
Phormidium willei BDU 130791 LSZA00000000 73
Phormidium Bin_1 JAIFKK000000000 (sp.) metagenome 55
Phormidium CSSed162cmB 426 SLAY00000000 (sp.) metagenome 63
Phormidium CSSed165cm 523 SLQG00000000 (sp.) metagenome 69
Phormidium GEM2.Bin31 REDN00000000 (sp.) metagenome 73
Phormidium S10.Bin050 JAABSD000000000 (sp.) metagenome 75
Pleurocapsa minor GSE-CHR-MK-17-07R JAHHHY000000000 metagenome 71
Plectolyngbya WJT66-NPBG17 JAHHHX000000000 (sp.) metagenome 76
Planktothrix agardhii Bin4 JACDQL000000000 metagenome 58
Planktothrix agardhii CCAP 1459/11A BJCD00000000 12
Planktothrix rubescens PCC 7821 LR812491 64
Planktothrix bin-235-243 JAIFLY000000000 (sp.) metagenome 70
Planktothrix FACHB-1355 JACJUP000000000 (sp.) 63
Planktothrix UBA8402 DMPJ00000000 (sp.) metagenome 49
Planktothrix UBA8407 DMPE00000000 (sp.) metagenome 53
Planktothrix UBA10369 DNYD00000000 (sp.) metagenome 57
Prochlorococcus marinus F1-20-MAGs057 SXXM00000000 metagenome 69
Prochlorococcus marinus F1-20-MAGs142 SYAQ00000000 metagenome 43
Prochlorococcus marinus SCGC AAA795-F05 CVSV00000000 67
Prochlorococcus marinus SCGC AAA795-I06 CVSW00000000 71
Prochlorococcus marinus SCGC AAA795-I15 CVSY00000000 71
Prochlorococcus marinus SCGC AAA795-J16 CVSX00000000 71
Prochlorococcus marinus SCGC AAA795-M23 CVSZ00000000 70
Prochlorococcus HOT 208 60 MVOP00000000 (sp.) 44
Prochlorococcus HOT208 60m 805A16 MWPA00000000 (sp.) 33
Prochlorococcus HOT208 60m 808A10 MWOZ00000000 (sp.) 46
Prochlorococcus HOT208 60m 808G21 MWOY00000000 (sp.) 47
Prochlorococcus HOT208 60m 808M21 MWOX00000000 (sp.) 73
Prochlorococcus HOT208 60m 810B23 MWOW00000000 (sp.) 69
Prochlorococcus HOT208 60m 810P02 MWOV00000000 (sp.) 72
Prochlorococcus HOT208 60m 810P02 MWOV00000000 (sp.) 74
Prochlorococcus HOT208 60m 813B04 MWOU00000000 (sp.) 41
Prochlorococcus HOT208 60m 8.13E+025 MWOT00000000 (sp.) 16
Prochlorococcus HOT208 60m 813G15 MWOS00000000 (sp.) 49
Prochlorococcus HOT208 60m 813I02 MWOR00000000 (sp.) 71
Prochlorococcus HOT208 60m 813L03 MWOQ00000000 (sp.) 35
Prochlorococcus HOT208 60m 813O04 MWOP00000000 (sp.) 55
Prochlorococcus HOT208 60m 813O14 MWOO00000000 (sp.) 73
Prochlorococcus HOT212 60m 823D04 MWPG00000000 (sp.) 16
Prochlorococcus HOT212 60m 824C06 MWPF00000000 (sp.) 44
Prochlorococcus HOT212 60m 8240000000000 MWPE00000000 (sp.) 42
Prochlorococcus HOT212 60m 824O11 MWPD00000000 (sp.) 47
Prochlorococcus HOT212 60m 826P21 MWPC00000000 (sp.) 66
Prochlorococcus REDSEA-S17 B1 LUPS00000000 (sp.) metagenome 56
Prochlorococcus REDSEA-S22 B1 LUPT00000000 (sp.) metagenome 47
Prochlorococcus REDSEA-S23 B1 LUPU00000000 (sp.) metagenome 56
Prochlorococcus REDSEA-S28 B1 LUPV00000000 (sp.) metagenome 46
Prochlorococcus SP3034 67481 PBHJ00000000 (sp.) metagenome 32
Prochlorococcus TMED223 NHJU00000000 (sp.) metagenome 55
Prochlorococcus UBA1269 DBVH00000000 (sp.) metagenome 46
Prochlorococcus UBA1273 DBVD00000000 (sp.) metagenome 45
Prochlorococcus UBA1528 DCQC00000000 (sp.) metagenome 74
Prochlorococcus UBA3467 DFRI00000000 (sp.) metagenome 45
Prochlorococcus UBA3999 DGBR00000000 (sp.) metagenome 71
Prochlorococcus UBA7854 DLSU00000000 (sp.) metagenome 43
Prochlorococcus W10 ALPH00000000 (sp.) 22
Prochlorococcus W11 ALPI00000000 (sp.) 39
Prochlorococcus W12 ALPJ00000000 (sp.) 12
Prochlorococcus W2 ALPB00000000 (sp.) 64
Prochlorococcus W3 ALPC00000000 (sp.) 29
Prochlorococcus W4 ALPD00000000 (sp.) 28
Prochlorococcus W5 ALPL00000000 (sp.) 4
Prochlorococcus W6 ALPK00000000 (sp.) 28
Prochlorococcus W7 ALPE00000000 (sp.) 50
Prochlorococcus W8 ALPF00000000 (sp.) 63
Prochlorococcus W9 ALPG00000000 (sp.) 12
Prochloron didemni P1 JGI 75
Prochloron SulCav FS08 DYNF00000000 (sp.) metagenome 76
Prochloron SP5CPC1 JACONB000000000 (sp.) metagenome 65
Prochlorothrix hollandica CALU 1027=PCC 9006 AJTX00000000 75
Pseudanabaena bin-143 JAIFKZ000000000 (sp.) metagenome 75
Pseudanabaena CRU 2 10 JAAUOO000000000 (sp.) metagenome 46
Pseudanabaena GA 180221 E-2-1-MAG-43 5 JAIMKQ000000000 (sp.) metagenome 62
Pseudanabaena M165S2SP1A06QC JADBVY000000000 (sp.) metagenome 77
Pseudanabaena M090S1SP1A06QC JADBVZ000000000 (sp.) metagenome 75
Pseudanabaena M007S1SP1A06QC JADBWA000000000 (sp.) metagenome 75
Pseudanabaena M158S2SP1A06QC JADBWB000000000 (sp.) metagenome 70
Pseudanabaena M109S1SP1A06QC JADBWC000000000 (sp.) metagenome 70
Pseudanabaena M051S1SP1A06QC JADBWD000000000 (sp.) metagenome 72
Pseudanabaena M079S1SP2A07QC JADBWP000000000 (sp.) metagenome 74
Pseudanabaena M074S1SP2A07QC JADBWQ000000000 (sp.) metagenome 76
Pseudanabaena M114S2SP2A07QC JADBWR000000000 (sp.) metagenome 71
Pseudanabaena M179S2SP2A07QC JADBWT000000000 (sp.) metagenome 75
Pseudanabaena M090S1SP2A07QC JADBWW000000000 (sp.) metagenome 72
Pseudanabaena M109S1SP2A07QC JADBWX000000000 (sp.) metagenome 65
Pseudanabaena M172S2SP2A07QC JADBWY000000000 (sp.) metagenome 73
Pseudanabaena M110S1SP2A07QC JADBWZ000000000 (sp.) metagenome 72
Pseudanabaena RU 4 16 JAAURW000000000000 (sp.) metagenome 39
Pseudanabaena UBA10436 DNLA00000000 (sp.) 76
Pseudanabaena ULC068 QBMK00000000 (sp.) 75
Raphidiopsis raciborskii CS-506 A VDFG00000000 76
Raphidiopsis raciborskii LB2897 VOIM00000000 58
Richelia CSU 2 1 JAAUPF000000000 (sp.) metagenome 76
Richelia intracellularis HM01 CAIS00000000 63
Richelia intracellularis RC01 CBZS00000000 76
Richelia SL 2 1 JAAUSO000000000 (sp.) metagenome 76
Richelia SM2 1 7 JAAUUF000000000 (sp.) metagenome 61
Richelia intracellularis UBA3481 DFQU00000000 metagenome 71
Richelia UBA11571 DLZW00000000 (sp.) metagenome 67
Roseofilum Cyano bin5 Ga0079927 (sp.) 64
Roseofilum LKpool bin4 Ga0079931 (sp.) 37
Scytonema CRU 2 7 JAAUOR000000000 (sp.) metagenome 63
Scytonema hyalinum WJT4-NPBG1 JAHHIB000000000 metagenome 72
Scytonema millei VB511283 JTJC00000000.2 regression from 79 in v. 1 41
Spirulina bin-256 JAIFME000000000 (sp.) metagenome 21
Spirulina DLM2.Bin59 RECT00000000 (sp.) metagenome 69
Spirulina S17.Bin059 JAABSU000000000 (sp.) metagenome 75
Synechococcales cyanobacterium bin2 JAAFJH000000000 metagenome 71
Synechococcales cyanobacterium bin59 JAAFHZ000000000 metagenome 76
Synechococcales cyanobacterium MH2 Bin29 JAALKT000000000 metagenome 73
Synechococcales cyanobacterium T60 A2020 3 JACYMB000000000 metagenome 75
Synechococcales bacterium UBA12195 DPNP00000000 metagenome 56
Synechococcales bacterium UBA8647 DOVM00000000 metagenome 68
Synechococcus Bin 27 JGI (sp.) 74
Synechococcus Bin 28 JGI (sp.) 29
Synechococcus BS30m-G30 JADHRT000000000 (sp.) metagenome 67
Synechococcus BS301-5m-G53 JADHMX000000000 (sp.) metagenome 63
Synechococcus CO36406bin 26 WTHF000000000 (sp.) metagenome 50
Synechococcus CO36386bin 29 WTFZ000000000 (sp.) metagenome 62
Synechococcus CO36386bin 37 WTGE000000000 (sp.) metagenome 64
Synechococcus HW C51 JAAZUZ000000000 (sp.) metagenome 72
Synechococcus HW C201 JAAZVJ000000000 (sp.) metagenome 45
Synechococcus KhW C443 JAAZWA000000000 (sp.) metagenome 42
Synechococcus PL34863bin 39 WTHL000000000 (sp.) metagenome 78
Synechococcus MED-G67 QOPT00000000 (sp.) metagenome 68
Synechococcus MED-G68 QOPS00000000 (sp.) metagenome 74
Synechococcus MED-G69 QOPR00000000 (sp.) metagenome 66
Synechococcus MED-G70 QOPQ00000000 (sp.) metagenome 66
Synechococcus MED-G71 QOPP00000000 (sp.) metagenome 72
Synechococcus SB0664 bin 36 VXRQ00000000 (sp.) metagenome 53
Synechococcus SB0662 bin 45 VXPA00000000 (sp.) metagenome 56
Synechococcus SB0663 bin 10 VXQA00000000 (sp.) metagenome 66
Synechococcus SB0672 bin 10 VYAE00000000 (sp.) metagenome 69
Synechococcus SB0665 bin 28 VXSZ00000000 (sp.) metagenome 73
Synechococcus SB0663 bin 10 VXQA00000000 (sp.) metagenome 74
Synechococcus SB0672 bin 6 VYAY00000000 (sp.) metagenome 73
Synechococcus SB0669 bin 7 VXYH00000000 (sp.) metagenome 75
Synechococcus SB0669 bin 8 VXYI00000000 (sp.) metagenome 73
Synechococcus SB0673 bin 10 VYBD00000000 (sp.) metagenome 75
Synechococcus SB0675 bin 7 VYDK00000000 (sp.) metagenome 76
Synechococcus SB0677 bin 5 VYFS00000000 (sp.) metagenome 76
Synechococcus SB0678 bin 12 VYGA00000000 (sp.) metagenome 75
Synechococcus SB0667 bin 8 VXWB00000000 (sp.) metagenome 76
Synechococcus SB0670 bin 20 VXYW00000000 (sp.) metagenome 75
Synechococcus 16 2 VMCZ00000000 (sp.) metagenome 47
Synechococcus GFB01 LFEK00000000 (sp.) 75
Synechococcus Lanier MWMJ00000000 (sp.) metagenome 32
Synechococcus NP17 2133 PBYZ00000000 (sp.) metagenome 74
Synechococcus REDSEA-S02 B4 LURK00000000 (sp.) metagenome 74
Synechococcus RS344 3044 PBPY00000000 (sp.) metagenome 48
Synechococcus SupBloom Metag 53 JAEMSK000000000 (sp.) metagenome 73
Synechococcus SAT82 31040 PAJY00000000 (sp.) metagenome 42
Synechococcus TMED20 NHBZ00000000 (sp.) metagenome 71
Synechococcus TMED66 NHDT00000000 (sp.) metagenome 72
Synechococcus TMED155 NHHE00000000 (sp.) metagenome 69
Synechococcus TMED169 NHHS00000000 (sp.) metagenome 46
Synechococcus TMED185 NHII00000000 (sp.) metagenome 56
Synechococcus TMED187 NHIK00000000 (sp.) metagenome 37
Synechococcus TMED19 NHBY00000000 (sp.) metagenome 74
Synechococcus TMED205 NHJC00000000 (sp.) metagenome 42
Synechococcus TMED90 NHER00000000 (sp.) metagenome 52
Synechococcus Tous MRUD00000000 (sp.) metagenome 74
Synechococcus UBA8638 DOFR00000000 (sp.) metagenome 66
Synechococcus UBA9887 DPOG00000000 (sp.) metagenome 70
Synechococcus isolate NIOZ-UU94 JACNLY000000000 (sp.) metagenome 72
Synechococcus isolate NIOZ-UU175 JACNIM000000000 (sp.) metagenome 5
Thermosynechococcus M55 K2018 12 DVEC00000000 (sp.) metagenome 76
Thermosynechococcus OHK43 JACOMP000000000 (sp.) metagenome 70
Thermosynechococcus WC-1 JAGVDA000000000 (sp.) metagenome 57
Tolypothrix Co-bin9 JACVSG000000000 (sp.) metagenome 52
Tolypothrix T3-bin4 JACVSN000000000 (sp.) metagenome 32
Trichodesmium thiebautii H9-4 LAMW00000000 44
uncultured Aliterella 10 20180511 Bin MAXBIN 75 CAJQOK000000000 (sp.) metagenome 58
uncultured cyanobacterium B12 bin-1940 CAIYEC000000000 50
uncultured cyanobacterium LaPlata-1m-b bin-276 CAITZL000000000 metagenome 75
uncultured cyanobacterium LaPlata-1m-b bin-676 CAIOXF000000000 metagenome 76
uncultured cyanobacterium Erken-D3 bin-1049 CAIRWM000000000 metagenome 76
uncultured cyanobacterium MGYG-HGUT-02235 CABMDG000000000 metagenome 70
uncultured cyanobacterium MGYG-HGUT-03890 CABOOI000000000 metagenome 70
uncultured cyanobacterium MGYG-HGUT-04459 CABPKF000000000 metagenome 60
uncultured cyanobacterium T7-5 bin-036 CAIMSC000000000 75
uncultured cyanobacterium T7 bin-034 CAIWLC000000000 76
uncultured cyanobacterium B12 bin-0982 CAIVAU000000000 76
uncultured cyanobacterium I3-5 bin-680 CAIJEA000000000 75
uncultured cyanobacterium Ki2-D1 bin-0219 CAIWSY000000000 metagenome 60
uncultured cyanobacterium Ki2-D2 bin-1184 CAIWIR000000000 metagenome 60
uncultured cyanobacterium Umea1p3 bin-620 CAIJJB000000000 metagenome 73
uncultured cyanobacterium Umea1p1 bin-912 CAIYEE000000000 metagenome 66
uncultured Snowella Erken-D5 bin-0612 CAIRRO000000000 (sp.) metagenome 29
uncultured Microcoleus AVDCRST MAG84 CADCTZ000000000 (sp.) 72
uncultured Leptolyngbya AVDCRST MAG94 CADCTY000000000 (sp.) 39
uncultured Nodularia LaPlata-1m-b bin-688 CAIVJC000000000 (sp.) 57
uncultured Synechococcus 3 20180319 Bin 161 1 CAJQPG000000000 (sp.) metagenome 46
uncultured Synechococcus 3 20180319 Bin 305 1 CAJQPQ000000000 (sp.) metagenome 64
Vulcanococcus Con-13 JAHUZR000000000 (sp.) 70
Vulcanococcus CPBay Sum27G08 21 JAFMGK000000000 (sp.) metagenome 67
Vulcanococcus CPBay Sum20G08 28 JAFMGD000000000 (sp.) metagenome 63
Vulcanococcus CPBay Sum15G08 31 JAFMFG000000000 (sp.) metagenome 66
Vulcanococcus DEBay Sum29DG08 32 JAFMMN000000000 (sp.) metagenome 74
Vulcanococcus DEBay Sum22NG08 44 JAFMLP000000000 (sp.) metagenome 70
Vulcanococcus DEBay Sum22DG08 74 JAFMKL000000000 (sp.) metagenome 74
Vulcanococcus DEBay Sum29NG08 81 JAFMNC000000000 (sp.) metagenome 66
Vulcanococcus CPBay Sum27L08 19 JAFMGO000000000 (sp.) metagenome 75
Vulcanococcus CPBay Sum15L08 68 JAFMFX000000000 (sp.) metagenome 75

Greater than 10% contaminated (many of these are also listed above):

Aphanocapsa montana BDHKU210001 JTJD00000000 32.76
Chrysosporum ovalisporum UAM-MAO CDHJ00000000 22.19
Euhalothece KZN 001 CP042326
Fischerella ambigua UTEX 1903 JGI 38.8
Fischerella thermalis CCMEE 5319 NMQD00000000 22.73
Hassallia byssoidea VB512170 JTCM00000000 104.63
Halothece KZN 001 MDVL00000000 (sp.) also as 12.42
Leptolyngbya valderiana BDU 20041 LSYZ00000000 54.29
Limnoraphis robusta CS-951 LATL00000000 11.79
Lyngbya confervoides BDU141951 JTHE00000000.1 23.11
Microcystis aeruginosa SPC777 ASZQ00000000 16.52
Mastigocoleus testarum BC008 LMTZ00000000 41.11
Mastigocoleus testarum BC008 AXAQ00000000 200
Prochlorococcus scB245a 518D8 JFNB00000000 (sp.) 11.96
Prochlorococcus marinus HNLC1 GL947594 metagenome 250.33
Prochlorococcus marinus HNLC2 GL947595 metagenome 250.33
Synechococcus TMED20 NHBZ00000000 (sp.) 41.38
Synechococcus TMED66 NHDT00000000 (sp.) 19.89
Scytonema millei VB511283 JTJC00000000.1 44.54
Cyanobacterium TDX16 NDGV00000000 156.41
Cyanobacteria bacterium SCGC AG-650-H12 JGI metagenome 12.96
Oscillatoriales cyanobacterium MTP1 LNAA00000000 80.53

Chimeric (segments from two different cyanobacteria),

or poor sequences seriously disturbing tree topology:

Anabaena 49633_E8 JAJTDN000000000 (sp.) metagenome
Anabaena 49628_E55 JAJTDY000000000 (sp.) metagenome
Anabaenopsis elenkinii CCIBt3563 CP063311
Aphanocapsa lilacina HA4352-LM1 JAHHGR000000000 metagenome
Aphanocapsa GSE-SYN-MK-11-07L JAHHGS000000000 (sp.) metagenome
Alkalinema RU 4 3 JAAUSA000000000 (sp.) metagenome
Aphanizomenon flos-aquae CCAP 1446/1C=PCC 7938 heterocyst JAAMUW000000000
Aphanizomenon flos-aquae CCAP 1446/1C=PCC 7938 vegetative JAAMUX000000000
Aphanizomenon flos-aquae UKL13-PB LTEC00000000.2 metagenome
Brasilonema octagenarum HA4186-MV1 JAHHGW000000000 metagenome
Calothrix C42 A2020 38 JACYLQ000000000 (sp.) metagenome
Calothrix PCC 7716 AP025018 (sp.)
Calothrix XPORK 5E JGI (sp.) no longer available
Candidatus Paraprochloron terpiosi LD05 CP073341 metagenome
Chroococcus FPU101 BLJI00000000 (sp.)
Coleofasciculus FACHB-1120 JACJTV000000000 (sp.)
Coleofasciculus FACHB-125 JACJOI000000000 (sp.)
Coleofasciculus FACHB-129 JACJOH000000000 (sp.)
Coleofasciculus FACHB-64 JACJOW000000000 (sp.)
Coleofasciculus FACHB-64 JACJOW000000000 (sp.)
Coleofasciculus FACHB-SPT36 JACJSL000000000 (sp.)
Coleofasciculus FACHB-SPT9 JACJOJ000000000 (sp.)
Coleofasciculus FACHB-T130 JACJOG000000000 (sp.)
Cyanobacteria bacterium WB6 1B 304 RGDS00000000 metagenome
Cyanobacteria bacterium 27 sequences: PXPI00000000-PXPZ00000000

Cyanomargarita calcarea GSE-NOS-MK-12-04C JAHHGZ000000000 metagenome
Cyanosarcina radialis HA8281-LM2 JAHHHA000000000 metagenome
Desertifilum S8C857 JAJOKC000000000 (sp.) metagenome
Desmonostoc muscorum CCALA 125 JACERF000000000
Desmonostoc muscorum LEGE 12446 JADEXS000000000
Filamentous cyanobacterium LEGE 11480 JADEXQ000000000
Fischerella thermalis M66 A2018 4 JACYMA000000000 metagenome
Fischerella thermalis M58 A2018 9 JACYLY000000000 metagenome
Geminocystis GBBB08 VRZC00000000 (sp.) metagenome
Gloeocapsa DLM2.Bin57 RECR00000000 (sp.) metagenome
Gloeocapsopsis crepidinum LEGE 6123 JADEWN000000000
Gloeomargaritaceae cyanobacterium C42 A2020 66 JACYLR000000000 metagenome
Halomicronema hongdechloris C2206 LAZT00000000
Halomicronema hongdechloris C2206 CP021983.1
Iningainema BLCCT55 JACXAE000000000 (sp.)
Kaiparowitsia implicata GSE-PSE-MK54-09C JAHHHI000000000 metagenome
Kastovskya adunca ATA6-11-RM4 JAHHHJ000000000 metagenome
Kovacikia CCNU0001 CP083582 (sp.) complete
Leptodesmis sichuanensis PKUAC-SCTA121 CP075171 complete
Leptolyngbya PKUAC-SCTE412 CP072600 (sp.) complete
Leptolyngbya SIO3F4 JAAHHO000000000 (sp.) metagenome
Leptolyngbya SIOISBB JAAHII000000000 (sp.) metagenome
Leptolyngbya UWPOB LEPTO1 JAFLCJ000000000 (sp.) metagenome
Lyngbya HA4199-MV5 JAHHHL000000000 (sp.) metagenome
Merismopedia glauca CCAP 1448/3 PVWJ00000000
Microcoleus FACHB-45 JACJPE000000000 (sp.)
Microcoleus FACHB-68 JACJOT000000000 (sp.)
Microcoleus FACHB-84 JACJOL000000000 (sp.)
Microcoleus FACHB-SPT15 JACJNU000000000 (sp.)
Microcoleus vaginatus WJT46-NPBG5 JAHHHM000000000 metagenome
Microseira wollei NIES-4236 BLAY00000000
Moorea SS36440bin 2 WTKN00000000 (sp.)
Myxosarcina GA 180221 E-1-2-MAG-39 37 JAIMKC000000000 (sp.) metagenome
Myxosarcina GA 180221 E-2-1-MAG-40 15 JAIMKV000000000 (sp.) metagenome
Nodularia LEGE 4288 JADEWE000000000 (sp.)
Nostoc indistinguendum CM1-VF10 JAHHHS000000000 metagenome
Nostoc desertorum CM1-VF14 JAHHHR000000000 metagenome
Nostocales cyanobacterium Centralia_MAG_434 JAJPJF000000000 metagenome
Nostocales cyanobacterium PH2015 10S 36 12 RDXV00000000 metagenome
Oculatella FACHB-28 JACJPJ000000000 (sp.)
Oculatella LEGE 6141 JADEWO000000000 (sp.)
Oscillatoria princeps RMCB-10 JAHHHT000000000 metagenome
Oscillatoria salina IIICB1 JAAHBQ000000000
Oscillatoriaceae cyanobacterium M7585 C2015 266 DVEG00000000 metagenome
Oscillatoriales cyanobacterium PH2015 11S 45 847 RDXR00000000 metagenome
Oscillatoriales cyanobacterium PH2015 07U 46 236 RDYN00000000 metagenome
Oscillatoriales cyanobacterium PH2015 03U 45 708 REAA00000000 metagenome
Oscillatoriales cyanobacterium PH2015 02U 45 393 REAI00000000 metagenome
Oscillatoriales cyanobacterium PH2015 14S 56 116 RDXB00000000 metagenome
Oxynema CENA135 JAEOXH000000000 (sp.)
Pegethrix bostrychoides GSE-TBD4-15B JAHHHV000000000 metagenome
Phormidium BM Day4 Bin.17 JAFIFC000000000 (sp.) metagenome
Phormidium PBR-2020 CP075902 (sp.) complete metagenome
Planktothrix agardhii 1810 JAJDMO000000000
Planktothrix agardhii 1813 JAJDMN000000000
Pleurocapsa GA 180221 E-1-1-MAG-40 19 JAIMJS000000000 (sp.) metagenome
Pseudanabaena CoA8_M7 JAJTHP000000000 (sp.) metagenome
Pseudanabaena M53BS1SP1A06MG JADBWH000000000 (sp.) metagenome
Pseudanabaena M046S1SP1A06QC JADBWE000000000 (sp.) metagenome
Pseudanabaena M38BS1SP1A06MG JADBWG000000000 (sp.) metagenome
Pseudanabaena M34BS1SP1A06MG JADBWI000000000 (sp.) metagenome
Raphidiopsis raciborskii KL1 JADQCS000000000 metagenome
Richelia sinica FACHB-800 CP021056
Rivularia IAM M-261 BPQA00000000 (sp.)
Rivularia T60 A2020 40 JACYMD000000000 (sp.) metagenome
Romeria aff. gracilis LEGE 7310 JADEXG000000000 (sp.)
Scytolyngbya HA4215-MV1 JAHHIA000000000 (sp.) metagenome
Sphaerospermopsis torques-reginae ITEP-024 CP080598
Spirirestis rafaelensis WJT71-NPBG6 JAHHID000000000 metagenome
Stenomitos rutilans HA7619-LM2 JAHHIE000000000 metagenome
Symplocastrum torsivum CPER-KK1 JAHHIF000000000 metagenome
Synechococcales cyanobacterium M55 K2018 4 DVEB00000000 metagenome
Synechococcales cyanobacterium S06.Bin197 JAABRE000000000 metagenome
Timaviella obliquedivisa GSE-PSE-MK23-08B JAHHII000000000 metagenome
Trichocoleus desertorum ATA4-8-CV12 JAHHIL000000000 metagenome
Trichocoleus FACHB-90 JACJOK000000000 (sp.)
Tychonema LEGE 7196 JADEXB000000000 (sp.)
uncultured cyanobacterium B-1 bin-000 CAIZKS000000000 metagenome
uncultured cyanobacterium A5 bin-0177 CAIRPA000000000 metagenome
uncultured Nodularia LaPlata bin-0263 CAISZL000000000 (sp.) metagenome
uncultured Nodularia LaPlata-1m-a bin-391 CAIPYS000000000 (sp.) metagenome
uncultured Nodularia LaPlata-b bin-1655 CAIVSM000000000 (sp.) metagenome
uncultured Nodularia LaPlata-a bin-2690 CAIWDD000000000 (sp.) metagenome
uncultured Synechococcales cyanobacterium AVDCRST MAG81 CADCWO000000000 metagenome
Waterburya agarophytonicola K14 JADWDC000000000

Duplicate (re-assembled or re-sequenced) genomes:

Aetokthonos hydrillicola CCALA 1050 JAHHGQ00000000 metagenome
Anabaena PCC 7122 AP018166 (sp.)
Arthrospira PCC 8005 CAFN00000000 (sp.)
Brasilonema UFV-L1 QMEA00000000 (sp.)
Calothrix desertica PCC 7102 VLKB00000000
Calothrix desertica PCC 7102 JGI
Chlorogloeopsis fritschii PCC 6912 RSCJ00000000
Chroococcales cyanobacterium CENA595 JGI
Chroococcidiopsis PCC 6712 Gp0005064 (sp.)
Crocosphaera watsonii WH 3 JGI
Geminocystis herdmanii PCC 6308 ALVO00000000
Gloeocapsopsis AAB1 PTJN00000000 (sp.)
Halomicronema hongdechloris C2206 LAZT00000000
Halomicronema hongdechloris C2206 CP021983.1
Hormoscilla GUM202 RFFC00000000.2 (sp.) metagenome
Limnothrix CACIAM 69d MKGP00000000 (sp.)
Lyngbya CCY 8106=PCC 8106 JGI (sp.)
Microcystis aeruginosa DIANCHI905 AOCI00000000
Microcystis aeruginosa NIES-88 JXYX00000000
Microcystis aeruginosa NIES-298 BEIU00000000
Microcystis aeruginosa NIES-298 BEYQ00000000
Moorea producens 3L AEPQ00000000
Nodularia spumigena CCY9414 AAVW00000000
Nostoc punctiforme PCC 73102 JGI
Nostoc PCC 7120 RSCN00000000 (sp.)
Nostoc PCC 7120 FACHB-418 JACJQQ000000000 (sp.)
Oscillatoriales cyanobacterium JSC-12 AJUB00000000
Phormidesmis priestleyi ULC007 PVWG00000000
Phormidesmis priestleyi ULC007 QBMQ00000000
Picosynechococcus PCC 7002 FXWN00000000 (sp.)
Picosynechococcus PCC 7002 JAHHPT000000000
Picosynechococcus PCC 7002 JAHHPU000000000
Planktothrix rubescens PCC 7821 LR812491 regression
Planktothrix serta PCC 8927 CZCU00000000.1
Planktothrix paucivesiculata PCC 9631 CZCS00000000.1
Raphidiopsis raciborskii CS-505 LYXA00000000
Raphidiopsis raciborskii CS-506 B VDFF00000000
Raphidiopsis raciborskii CS-506 C VDFE00000000
Raphidiopsis raciborskii CS-506 D VDFD00000000
Richelia intracellularis HH01 AM 2804 OMJX00000000
Richelia sinica FACHB-800 JACJTT000000000
Scytonema millei VB511283 JTJC00000000.1
Scytonema millei VB511283 JTJC00000000.2
Scytonema millei VB511283 JTJC00000000.3
Scytonema tolypothrichoides VB-61278 JXCA02000000
Scytonema HK-05 MRCF00000000 (sp.)
Sphaerospermopsis aphanizomenoides BCCUSP55 LUFH00000000.2
Spirulina major PCC 6313 ALVQ00000000
Synechococcus CB0101 ADXL00000000 (sp.)
Synechococcus elongatus FACHB-242 UTEX 625 PCC 6301 JACJSY000000000
Synechococcus elongatus FACHB-805 PCC 7942 JACJTX000000000
Synechococcus P1 UW179A UCNJ00000000 (sp.)
Synechococcus PCC 7336 ALWC00000000 (sp.)
Synechococcus PCC 73109 JGI (sp.)
Synechococcus WH 8101 CP047932 (sp.)
Synechocystis PCC 6803 CP003265 (sp.)
Synechocystis PCC 6803 JAABOT000000000 (sp.)
Synechocystis PCC 6803 BA000022 (sp.)
Thermosynechococcus vestitus PKUAC-SCTE542 CP032152.1
Tolypothrix campylonemoides VB511288 JXCB00000000.2

Genomes with more than 4000 contigs:

Chrysosporum ovalisporum UAM-MAO CDHJ00000000
Phormidium Bin_1 JAIFKK000000000 (sp.) metagenome
Unidentified cyanobacterium 13 1 40CM 2 61 4 MNHI00000000

Cyanobacterium TDX16 NDGV00000000

To prune the tree, removed genomes from clades that are over-represented:


omitted all (hundreds) genomes derived from single cells;

strains with accession numbers JAAORC000000000-JAAORO000000000,


Metagenomes of the sister OMF taxa;

Synechococcus/Cyanobium spp.

8F6 NQKZ00000000 Ace-Pa VITZ00000000 NS01 CP047940 Tous PXXO00000000

BS55D PHQT00000000 BS56D PHQU00000000 HB1133 SDBW0000000

P1 UW179A UCNJ00000000 BIOS-E4-1 CP047935 BOUM118 CP047947 RS9915 CP047934

A15-127 CP047948 A18-25c CP047957 NOUM97013 CP047941 A15-24 CP047960

A15-28 CP047931 A15-44 CP047938 A15-60 CP047933 A15-62 CP047950 A18-40 CP047956

M16-1 CP047954 BMK-MC-1 CP047939 MEDNS5 CP047952 Minos11 CP047953 MVIR-18-1 CP047942

PROS-7-1 CP047945 PROS-9-1 CP047961 PROS-U-1 CP047951 ROS8604 CP047946 RS9902 CP047949

RS9907 CP047944 RS9909 CP047943 SYN20 CP047959 TAK9802 CP047937 BIOS-U3-1 CP047936

WH5701 AANO00000000 LA31 CP075523 CCY0621 JAFKRH000000000 CCY9618 JAFKRG000000000

CP7909 JAFKRK000000000 CP7910 JAFKRJ000000000 CP7913 JAFKRI000000000

HK05 JAHRXJ000000000 LEGE 06113 JADEWM000000000 LEGE 06143 JADEWP000000000

approx. 500 isolates of S. lacustris


CACIAM 03 MCIH00000000 DA14 QQWE00000000 DF17 QQWB00000000 TA09 QQWA00000000

TF09 QQWC00000000 TW10 QQWD00000000 PMC 728.11 JADCRC000000000 NIBR18 CP086723

LE3 MTBS00000000

FCY-26 AJHB00000000 FCY-27 AJUS00000000 FCY-28 AJUT00000000 NaRes975 MOLN00000000

CHAOHU MOLZ00000000 46 isolates JAADAC00000000-JAADBY00000000

BLCCF108 JACEGB000000000 BLCCF158 JACEGC000000000 KW MVGR00000000

FACHB-1317 JACJQV00000000 FACHB-1342 JACJSV000000000 FACHB-1344 JACJSW000000000

FACHB-917 JACJSZ000000000 LEGE 11464 JADEXM000000000 LEGE 00239 JADEVY000000000

LEGE 00066 JADEVX000000000 LEGE 08355 JADEXI000000000 LEGE 91341 JADEXY000000000

JADBRW000000000-JADBVX000000000 JAJTDD000000000-JAJTDH000000000

52 with accession numbers SFAA-SFCA00000000


excluded seven with accession numbers in the range JADBVY00000000 to JADBWZ00000000

The ADA clade:

WA113 LJOS00000000 MDT14b LJOV00000000

OL01 JACGCQ000000000 BR01 JACGCP000000000 WA123 JACGCS000000000


Nine of the strain Z series: LAGY00000000 LAGZ00000000 LAHB00000000

LAHC00000000 LAHD00000000 LAHE00000000 LAHH00000000 LAHI00000000 LAHJ00000000

and CCNP1411 CP054698 FACHB-87 JACJRX00000000 FACHB-110 JACJRU00000000

FACHB-130 JACJTB00000000 FACHB-159 JACJTU00000000 FACHB-252 JACJTC00000000

FACHB-395 JACJSF00000000 FACHB-857 JACJTK00000000 FACHB-888 JACJQM00000000

FACHB-973 JACJSJ00000000 MG11 JACXXN000000000 WHI WBKM00000000

and 10 with accessions JAIVFQ000000000-JAIVFZ000000000


Removed 17 almost identical isolates from White Creek Yellowstone NP USA:

NGZS00000000-NGZZ0000000 and NHAA0000000-NHAK0000000 retaining only strains

WC439 NHAE00000000 and WC441 NHAD00000000


49 with accessions JAEQBX000000000 to JAEQDJ000000000 and

JAHRET000000000 to JAHRFD000000000


60 in the series JAAUON00000000 to JAAUUY000000000

24 (not excluded above) PXPJ00000000 to PXQH00000000

Over 100 genomes of genera with FACHB strain numbers with accessions

JACJNU000000000 to JACJUP000000000; 39 with a SIO designation

Over 30 genomes with a SIO designation containing many mismatches in

the 16S rRNA gene; if this gene is representative of the entire genome

we can have little confidence in the placement of the latter in the tree.